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Cooperative Gaming Co-op

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The Cooperative Gaming Co-op looks both backwards and forwards, into the legacy of gaming on one hand and its possible future one the other. The Golden Age of Video Games provided us with this public social space in which to interact, debate, commune and compete with friends and strangers alike. The arcade cabinet became the interface, the context, and the marketing agent for the games contained within. We lament the loss of the Arcade. We lament the replacement of the
game cabinet.

The democratization of media has shifted the gaming landscape. Now more than ever, games can be created by anyone given the time and dedication. We anticipate a space that is once more owned by the people where we can swap our old used games (or games we made) play games made by our friends, family, lovers, professors and exchange ideas. This is a space that we own as gamers, that is free and unrepentantly socialist in its structure and ownership. This is old school socialism; everyone owns the coop of coop gaming. This is a place where we Share and Play together.

The Arcade is Dead. Long live the Arcade.

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