Cabinet Curator Call

Call for curators:

Curate a video game cabinet for the Cooperative Gaming Co-op

As part of the Zero1 Biennial John Bruneau and James Morgan are bringing together a wide range of game developers to show in a classic golden age setting. We are building a half a dozen arcade cabinets and collecting a few others from the area.

We were inspired by Anna Anthropy’s message that everyone should make games, and by conversations that we have had with her about the place of the arcade and playing in public.

Curators will be welcome to put what they like into their cabinet, solicit people, choose them or even use the games from people they know or admire.  The point is to curate along the lines of a theme that will then be represented by the cabinet in a larger context.

The games will be presented in the arcade cabinet (choose the graphics for the exterior if you like) at Works / San Jose.  Works is a volunteer run gallery with a 30 plus year history of serving emerging artists and performance.

We also have a unique opportunity which would involve crafting a “living room gaming space” for the gallery that lets us actualize some social play with the community.  We really see this exhibition being about bringing people together and letting them play games together.

Additionally a swap meet will run the duration of the show where people can bring old games, games they made whatever to trade for games left by others.

If you are interested please send a brief proposal (games, theme, platform or whatever makes sense) to


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