Saturday Sept 15th – Opening Reception

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The Cooperative Gaming Co-op will have its big kickoff reception for Zero1 Saturday September 15th!


★ 8 handcrafted arcade cabinets with themed collections by esteemed artists and curators.

☢ Over 52 homespun games

☭ Bring old games, new games, games you made to swap and share.

♥ Hours of Fun!

Im gonna let you finish but this is the greatest best event of your lifetime of your generation.

6:30 to 9:30
Saturday September 15th
Works San Jose


Works / San Jose
365 South Market Street
downtown San Jose
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Friday – (e)MERGE : The ZERO1 Street Festival

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Come out this Friday September 14th!
The Gaming Co-op will be taking it to the streets. Literally! Our show and game swap will be sending out some arcade cabinets to South First Street as part of (e)merge. Check out student games from SJSU and The mobile Oakutron arcade machine featuring Anna Anthropy’s “Keep Me Occupied”

Sound Like too much fun? It is! but theres more anyway. We are moving our game swap to the the street fair. Trade what you played or bring games you made!

6pm to 11pm Friday
also 1pm to 5pm Saturday

South First Street


Works / San Jose
365 South Market Street
downtown San Jose

More on (e)merge
and Friday’s Events.

First Friday Sneak Peek

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new game

Gallery crawling this First Friday? The Cooperative Gaming Coop Will be hosting a soft opening of our new community arcade space. Downtown San Jose’s monthly art walk will finally have the arcade its always wanted but never dared to ask for.

First Friday

Friday September 7th, 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Cooperative Gaming Coop Sneak Peek

Works / San Jose
365 South Market Street
Downtown San Jose

Game Swap & Coop Meeting

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The Cooperative Gaming Coop is a free and open organization whose first mission is going to be to help game developers and those of us with old games tucked away.

Thursday Aug 23rd
6pm – 8pm
Art 241 (map)

San Jose State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, Ca


Old Games
YOUR GAMES (on media, cd whatever)

The rules will be evolving as we build our Coop Shop, but if you bring something you are welcome to take something with you. You can get rid of the stuff that is cluttering up your attic and come home with something new, cool or retro.

If you are a game developer, please consider burning us a few disks! We want to help people trade and play games developed locally and by people we know. Designed or not, CD sleeves are a great way to give instructions, please make sure to list the name and platform (and the authors name) with each disk.

Come Trade Games!

Please come out if you can, this is going to be our pre-game event and we could use as much support as possible.

If you have any questions or want to drop off stuff because you cannot make it, email us at

football game trade

Gaming Coop is Forming

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We are starting a gaming coop! (This event happened!)

Our first gaming coop meeting took place on Friday July 27. But we are already planning our next Coop meeting and game swap.

This will be held on:

Thursday Aug 23rd
6pm – 8pm
Art 241


San Jose State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, Ca

More info…

Cabinet Curator Call

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Call for curators:

Curate a video game cabinet for the Cooperative Gaming Co-op

As part of the Zero1 Biennial John Bruneau and James Morgan are bringing together a wide range of game developers to show in a classic golden age setting. We are building a half a dozen arcade cabinets and collecting a few others from the area.

We were inspired by Anna Anthropy’s message that everyone should make games, and by conversations that we have had with her about the place of the arcade and playing in public.

Curators will be welcome to put what they like into their cabinet, solicit people, choose them or even use the games from people they know or admire.  The point is to curate along the lines of a theme that will then be represented by the cabinet in a larger context.

The games will be presented in the arcade cabinet (choose the graphics for the exterior if you like) at Works / San Jose.  Works is a volunteer run gallery with a 30 plus year history of serving emerging artists and performance.

We also have a unique opportunity which would involve crafting a “living room gaming space” for the gallery that lets us actualize some social play with the community.  We really see this exhibition being about bringing people together and letting them play games together.

Additionally a swap meet will run the duration of the show where people can bring old games, games they made whatever to trade for games left by others.

If you are interested please send a brief proposal (games, theme, platform or whatever makes sense) to

Curate This!

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curate this!

See the Call

When and Where

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The Coop Gaming Coop will run in conjunction with ZER01 and do special events leading up to it. We are launching the Coop and holding our opening on September 7th as part of South First Fridays Art Walk. The main exhibition will be hosted by Works / San Jose but we are also are also cooking up something for the ZER01 street fair. Stay tuned!

Sept 7 (First Friday) to Oct 13, 2012
Works / San Jose
365 South Market Street
downtown San José

Free Admission.

works sign

Cooperative Gaming Co-op

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The Cooperative Gaming Co-op looks both backwards and forwards, into the legacy of gaming on one hand and its possible future one the other. The Golden Age of Video Games provided us with this public social space in which to interact, debate, commune and compete with friends and strangers alike. The arcade cabinet became the interface, the context, and the marketing agent for the games contained within. We lament the loss of the Arcade. We lament the replacement of the
game cabinet.

The democratization of media has shifted the gaming landscape. Now more than ever, games can be created by anyone given the time and dedication. We anticipate a space that is once more owned by the people where we can swap our old used games (or games we made) play games made by our friends, family, lovers, professors and exchange ideas. This is a space that we own as gamers, that is free and unrepentantly socialist in its structure and ownership. This is old school socialism; everyone owns the coop of coop gaming. This is a place where we Share and Play together.

The Arcade is Dead. Long live the Arcade.

More About The Cooperative Gaming Co-op

Because Video Games.

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game cabinet