John Bruneau and James Morgan are internationally exhibiting alumni of the CADRE Laboratory for New Media at San Jose State University (SJSU), and have worked with games and game development for many years. Both are current faculty at SJSU, where they teach art classes in game studies, development and programming. Bruneau is one of the original founders of the Game Development Club at SJSU. Morgan provides expertise to SJSU’s Learning and Games Initiative. Bruneau and Morgan’s professional collaborations started in 2005 with the founding of Ars Virtua Gallery and New Media Center in Second Life. In 2008 they joined with other virtual world artists to create 3rd Faction. They recently curated a series of Museum and Gallery shows focusing on games as art, most notably Learn to Play at the Euphrat Musum of Art. Bruneau and Morgan have exhibited work, both individually and collaboratively, at ISEA 2006, 01SJ, The Streaming Museum, San Jose Museum of Art, EMAF, The Laguna Art Museum and many more.

Guest Curators

Anna Anthropy, Sarah Brin, Zach Gage, Bit Collective, Alex Kerfoot and Mars Jokela, Gabriel Menotti, Geri Wittig, MIT Game Lab, SJSU Game Development Club


Cody McCabe, Tamara Hoyt, Kristopher Windsor, Patrick Harris, Michael Brown, Matt Bry


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